Stay Psyched: Slowing Down (Who is DJ Psyched?)

The Get Psyched podcast is over eight months old now: that's why I decided I'm slowing down. In this week's episode we're talking about what Getting Psyched means to me now and how hosting this podcast has changed how I think about creating & doing work.
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I'm DJ Psyched, you're listening to the Get Psyched podcast. And today's episode is going to be a lot different than the usual content I've been making and the content from here on out is going to be a bit different. So I thought I'd come on the channel and just kind of talk about why that is what kind of changed and what's going to happen next year. Because I have talked about before in the past that if I ever wanted to change the mission statement, or if I ever saw something different, I kind of wanted to be transparent about it. And so I thought now was the perfect time to do this. Because I have been feeling lately, like, the contents got to change, Something's got to give, I've been changing the system of how I've been doing things, my life changed a little bit. And I feel like if I don't adapt my content to how I'm feeling, it's just going to be coming off a lot less authentic. And it's going to be a lot less of what I want. I want to go a different way about how I'm doing this podcast because I want to get different results from it. And so the questions I've come up with today, the things that I've been pondering a lot lately that made me finally come to this decision was, who is DJ Psyched? Why do I Get Psyched? Most importantly, what do I want from this? What am I even trying to do or create? That's something that I think I didn't ponder enough. 

When I first started making this podcast, I started this podcast back when I worked with WKNC. And I really didn't know exactly what I wanted from it. Besides the fact that i thought you know, the Get Psyched. Mission sounds really cool. Talking to DIY artist. Sounds cool. Talking about music sounds really cool. I mean, is a radio station. So it all made sense. And it fit and it was cool. And it was fun. The content has always been meaningful to me. And I always hope that like, by doing the work, I was growing as an artist and a creator and that I'd be able to help other artists and creators. And I haven't done a DIY segment in forever. But that was definitely one of my favorite things that I ever did on the podcast, that and the book club. And I'm starting to finally realize why those things meant so much to me, because like I just said, I used to have DIY creators on my podcast a lot, because I thought it was cool to learn from them learn about their experiences and creating. And I thought it made me a better creator. In the end, too. I thought it would help me develop, learn new things, try new things. And I don't know how to say this any more blatantly. Then, by making so many videos and podcasts, I felt like less of an artist and a creator, and just someone who was putting things out. And not that any of my materials ever inauthentic or stuff I'm not psyched about I've loved everything that I put out to this point. But I have noticed that lately, when I release a YouTube video or a podcast, I don't have the time to put into it like I want to. So it doesn't come out how I'd want. I don't feel like I'm really doing the art of storytelling. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm just getting things out there. And I didn't like that. Because the whole point of the Get Psyched mission was to grow as a creator and an artist and in the passions, I already have not let video taking take over the other passions to the point where I don't even have anything to make videos about anymore, because all I'm doing is making videos. So it's hard to make videos, when I'm no longer just doing the things that making videos was easy for. I don't know if any of that made sense. But long story short, I think that by having this doing a podcast every Monday and having a video every Friday and trying to really stay on top of things, and trying to also make my art better quality and try to come up with better videos, I was actually coming out with videos that were not as good because I would try to do all this stuff to make it really good. And then I'd be meeting a deadline, and then it wouldn't come out quite like I wanted. And I don't really need to do that at all. Like it's really dawned on me lately that I'm the only one putting this kind of pressure on myself. I want to focus on actually doing the things that I'm psyched about. I want to focus on actually curating the art that I'm trying to learn more about and get better. And so I've decided that the Get Psyched mission, it's going to slow down a lot, I realized that I have a lot of passions and hobbies and things I want to make videos about. I have spreadsheets, I have an air table, I have all kinds of things, organizing all my ideas. I'm not going to run out of ideas anytime soon. But I realized that I was also rushing all those ideas, instead of taking the time to slow down, do things little by little I was rushing, rushing, rushing and everything was not coming out the way I liked it. And I felt like I had less time to sit back and enjoy myself because in the back of my mind, I'm always going I don't have a video to edit, don't have a thumbnail make don't have to promote this though. And I guess if this was my full time job, and I had nothing else going on that be just fine. I would be so psyched to spend a lot of time doing that. But I don't quite have that time right now to like devote time to editing and doing all this promoting and stuff. And still having time to actually sit back and enjoy the things that I'm talking about on my channel and actually sit back and like be doing the things I get psyched about on my channel. 

So I realized that by doing so much, I was actually doing very little. So that's where I see myself right now. I think that if I slow down on just releasing content and focus on actually making sure that the content is stuff that I really care about and that I can spend time doing it and that I don't have to constantly be thinking about making a podcast or a video want it to be the kind of thing where like, I make book club videos, I want to spend a lot of time reading so that these can be good episodes where I talk about books, I can make lists, I can do really fun things with that I can have more people come on and talk of my DIY segment, I want to be able to really put my time into other things. I want to go back to my art. I recently started playing music a little bit lately. And I realized that I completely neglected that hobby while I was making these videos. And while I was trying really hard to do this thing, I've haven't been writing as much lately. I don't have all the time in the world right now, like I said, and I can't put my 100% of my time into this. And I realized that by doing so much, I was doing so little. And that's basically the whole point of what I've been saying here. So who is DJ Psyched? Why do I get psyched, I love doing things I really do. I love trying new things. And I found that some things that I've done in my life have made my life better. I really love working out that was something that was really impactful. To me, reading made a huge difference in my life. And that's why I make content around that kind of stuff. Because working out reading all these little things I talked about, they made me better. And so I'm hoping that by sharing cool books that I like with people that that it'll get people that were like me, I hated reading. I hated reading when I was a kid, I never read, I didn't have a good reading level. And then in college, like literally, not even two years ago, maybe like a year, year and a half ago, I decided I would try reading and it was amazing. It was so fun. And I think it did a lot for me. And that's why I want to talk about reading with people working out was the same way I didn't really work out until sophomore year. 

And I think working out has been a really cool outlet for me. And it's really helped me. And that's why I want to talk about these things. And I don't want to just keep making content about things when I feel like I'm just kind of on this weird hustle and grind. And I'm not doing all the things I want to do, which is why I'm re evaluating the Get Psyched mission. And I'm just gonna put out podcast every Monday, if I do come out with a video, it'll just be random. I'm not gonna like force myself to come up with a video every Friday anymore, because making random videos really isn't what excites me anymore. I want to do the things I want to spend my time making music, I want to Get Psyched behind the scenes, I want to do these things. And something that is also very big for me as DJ Psyched as lean as whoever you want to call me. I love sticking to my values. I love living a life that I feel is meaningful and impactful. And I'm actually following my values and I value spending quality time with friends and family. I value my health, I value constantly trying to grow because I know I'm not perfect. I can improve all the time. There's all kinds of things I could do. I want to be doing things that are meaningful. I want to make sure that everything I do is impactful. And I want to make sure that I'm intentional about things that I do. I want to be intentional about how I treat people around me. I want to be intentional about the content I create. And I want to be intentional about how I'm living my life. And I feel like lately I haven't been intentional in the right ways. I haven't been mindful enough to step back and be like, you know, maybe even though I do want to do this getting psyched thing, even though I love making videos, maybe right now is not the time to go full force doing a video every Monday and video every Friday

And this is just a really long introduction to what I'm hoping is a different chapter and how I approach making content a different chapter in how I approach creating and this mission, because it shouldn't be about trying to do a bunch and just getting stuff out there should actually just be about enjoying it. It's not like I was miserable. Making my content the other week, it's just that I've noticed lately, I feel like I'm rushing projects and ideas and not putting the time and effort I want behind it. But also the whole point in the Get Psyched mission is to get psyched about things to try new things to figure things out. I mean, I actually have no idea what I want to do with my life still be quite honest. I do love music. I love psychology. I love health. I love making content. But if you were to ask me, which I get asked a lot, you know, where do you see yourself in five years? What do you plan to do? My honest answer is, I have no idea still. And the reason I do a lot of the stuff that I do is because I believe in proactively figuring it out. I'm not just gonna sit in my bed all day and wonder what is it that I'm gonna do with my life? I'm just gonna enjoy what I'm doing today. I'm gonna get psyched about what I'm getting psyched about today. And if it ever doesn't feel right, then I'm going to stop and be like, well, maybe this saying it. And that's what I'm doing right now. I love making videos. I love making podcasts. I love doing this kind of content. But at the moment, this just isn't it for me. So I stopped I re evaluated it and hopefully by doing this new chapter where I kind of sit myself down and really think, okay, now I'm just doing the podcast now I'm just focusing on making these podcast episodes really good. What direction should this podcast go and over the next few weeks, maybe even months, I might be rebranding and changing the way I do things here.

And I'm really excited for that because the podcast has been going on for over eight months now, which is so awesome to think about but it's also been eight months and it's time to change things up a little bit because I feel like now that I'm out of school and Things have changed a lot in my life, I got to reevaluate what I'm doing. I got to reevaluate where I'm going. And this is whole long winded introduction as to who DJ Psyched is. And what I'm doing here is just my way of saying that. I think that by doing this, I think that by slowing down, really focusing on what I'm doing focus on my writing a little more focused on reading a bit more focused on doing things outside of just making videos and really like the things I'm talking about in the videos and things I'm doing, making music again, writing short stories, again, really doing these things. I feel like if I keep changing things up, exploring, and reevaluating the mission, every now and again and really feeling for what I like, hopefully, I will actually find out a solid direction for what I'm doing here and choose what I'm going to do with my life. I've had dreams of writing books before. I've started a book that I really like, maybe I'll go down that avenue. 

Sometimes I like to write music and I think be kind of neat to write an EP and finally get one out. Who knows. But the whole point is, I'm DJ Psyched. This is what getting psyched is all about. It's all about getting excited about things, but also staying mindful reflecting on what you're doing this this is what the Get Psyched mission is it involves a lot of things. It's not just about being excited, Get Psyched is just an extension of me who I am who is DJ Psyched. I'm someone who loves self development a little too much. It's actually really cheesy. Like I have so many self development books. I love Matt D Avella. I love that side of things. I love health. I love fitness, you know, Get Psyched. It's all called Get Psyched. I'm DJ Psyched. This is the Get Psyched. Mission. It's all one thing. I am DJ Psyched. Everything that I am is the Get Psyched mission. It's about being mindful, it's about being aware. It's about being intentional and reflecting. But it's also about just having fun, trying new things, reading, health, whatever excites you, whatever gets you excited. Whatever is a part of your life. It's all about exploring those things, sharing them with other people, really caring about what we do, really trying to get other people to be excited about things and care really building this community of people who can get psyched, who can hold each other accountable, who love what they're doing. You love to create, I love being able to support my friends who create PME he's the guy who made the intro be to this YouTube channel and podcast, and a really good friend of mine. He's super cool, Pat danger, all kinds of people I've had on the DIY segment, all kinds of friends I have, who also create that's what the Get Psyched mission is about. 

 It's about being excited and building a community. I want the community around me to be people who are also excited about creating people who are also figuring out what they're doing people who were also working on that kind of stuff. That's just what it means to Get Psyched. I feel like up until this episode, I've kind of always had this. I am DJ Psyched, and I Get Psyched. And that's really cool. I love doing that. I love making that kind of content. But I feel like I never was actually myself on any of these channels. And so the difference is going here on forward. Like I said, I'm just going to be doing the podcast every Monday. I'm just going to be trying things to get psyched about see where I'm going and hopefully I can just be more me. DJ Psyched here on this channel. I'm DJ Psyched. This is the Get Psyched YouTube channel and Get Psyched podcast. Thank you so much. If you listen to this whole podcast and if you watch this whole rant of mine, I really appreciate it. If you're on the YouTube channel, you can leave a comment below. I'd love to talk and get psyched about things. I don't know. But thank you for listening and until next time, stay psyched.
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