About Get Psyched
This podcast is mainly focused around music, through two main series: the 'DIY Series' and 'Let's Talk Music'. The 'DIY Series' invites creators, of all kinds, to come on and discuss their journeys as independent arts and entrepreneurs. This series gives artists a chance to share their perspectives and highlight topics they are passionate about. The series 'Let's Talk Music' is a fun chance for music lovers to get psyched about their favorite music-related topics including bands, genres and more. The overall purpose of the show is to foster thought and discussion on the world of creating (and other things).

About DJ Psyched
Woman with short black hair DJing at an eventHola! I'm DJ Psyched, a senior at NC State. I'm majoring in psychology and have a strong passion for music, health, reading and (way too) much more. I also serve as the Daytime Music Director at WKNC and host "2k Indie," a show where I highlight new indie music releases. As someone who loves talking to other people and get new perspectives, I started this podcast as a chance to do it regularly and keep track of all of the new things discovered on this journey. I am currently working on two new series: 'Let's Talk Health' and 'Get Psyched About Reading' to further serve my goals of learning more about the things I love, and finding a way to get other's psyched about them too.
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