DIY Series: Meet Producer PME (Part 3)

PME is one of my best buds and he's the world's best producer. This is our third time doing this podcast series together and we're here to update you all and share what we've learned as small creators who've been creating for about 3 years now. We laugh A LOT, and I hope you will too.
Pme is an independent producer who's been consistently producing and releasing hip-hop type beats for about 3 years now. He's also one of my best friends and has been on this podcast 3 times now. In this episode, we share what we've learned from our 3 years of consistent creating and how these things have helped us grow.

We also had a lot of laughs and shared our biggest guilty creating habits. Hit: If you're a long time follower of mine you might've noticed something mildly confusing about my page. And we're giving insight into why we do what we do :)

The DIY Series is also going strong on my podcast, and I'm now opening up the scene to any independent creator interested! If you'd like to be on the series you can find more information here:

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(Producer PME has given me permission to use his beat '300k' as the Get Psyched intro/outro beat)
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