DIY Series ft. Pat Danger

On the third episode of this podcast, Pat Danger is joining the DIY series. We discuss how he became an independent artist and how mindset plays a big part in his journey.
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Get Psyched Podcast Episode Highlight: DIY Series ft. Pat Danger

Pat Danger, photo contributed by the artist

Pat Danger is an independent musician from New Jersey who's been making music for almost two years. On describing his sound he says "I don’t want to box myself in but it’s definitely hip-hop… lo-fi to houseparty, or anything in between." A lot of his music can be found on his SoundCloud, but he’s also recently been posting his newer tracks on Spotify. He is now on a personal mission of releasing a new track every Friday.

When I asked Pat about how he got into creating music he said he’s always been a big fan of music and was known to freestyle at parties around friends. It was just for fun and he never really saw it as anything else, until he decided he wanted to try making an EP. He went out to Best Buy and got a starter mic, some software and found some beats online to start recording over. This was around the time he moved out of Jersey and had a bit of free time, but when we recorded together he was back in the city and full-time in school and work; all his free time still went to music.

We then talked about how he balances all of his commitments with his music making, and he told me that the way he sees it, it’s all about not allowing yourself to make excuses. "Anyone can do it, I'm not superman or anything." He switched all of his classes online so he could be in control of his schedule, and said that making excuses is in the past. "There’s a lot of time in the day, the less time you spend on the phone or wasting away…  you do have a tone of time even if you are doing a bunch of things."

After he started creating, he also started using Reddit as a place to share his tracks with others and also find people to collaborate with. This is how he ended up meeting his first producer. He says he does not have any goals of being rich or famous, but just wants to put his words out there.

When we talked about ‘making it’ he said he feels like since he was able to put music out there he’s made it, but something cooler can always happen, and each new milestone feels even better then the last; and he’s always happy to see where things go.

What matters to him most is to just be genuine and get himself out there naturally. He’s not into networking or looking for clout, he just does what works for him. We talked about putting work out there and how scary it can be sometimes, especially being nervous for judgement. He says he wants to make sure he’s never too stubborn, and has been focusing on receiving criticism and feedback well. "I try to take the mature mindset (with feedback)."

His charismatic nature and love for freestyling led him to meet his most recent producer at a party. He said it felt kind of like fate since he was looking for some beats and his producer was looking for someone who can rap. The first track they put out together was "Tennessee" and, on his most recent mission to release new tracks every Friday, Pat has put out "Dead by The Morning" feat. downside and "Gritty Freestyle" on Spotify.

On his recent releases he says ‘I’m trying to make something that I think is good’.

Learn more about Pat Danger on Soundcloud, Spotify and Instagram.

- DJ Psyched
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